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Add Some Color to San Antonio Landscaping

Cooler weather can make traditional landscaping plants die out or go dormant, and a lawn that normally looks vibrant with colorful plants can start to look dull and boring. Add some color to your landscaping with plants that prefer cooler weather to perk up your lawn this winter season.


Calendulas are beautiful yellow flowers that bloom during the winter to add warmth to a lawn. An added benefit of calendulas is that they attract any butterfly species that are active in San Antonio during the winter months.


Snapdragons are available in a variety of sizes, and the rocket snapdragons that grow to be about three feet tall are ideal for landscaping purposes. Colors range from bright red to deep purple, so snapdragons are definitely able to add color to a lawn. Blooming occurs through December and again in March, so planting snapdragons in the fall or middle of the winter is best.


Pansies are pretty little flowers that come in a variety of colors and prefer the cooler weather in winter. Warm weather can actually cause damage to pansies, so it’s best to wait until warm weather has completely subsided before planting them. Color schemes usually include a base color like purple, red or white with a black center.


Geraniums are another flower that don’t tolerate heat well, so the winter months in San Antonio are ideal for accenting a lawn with geraniums. Geraniums tend to do well without a lot of water and are available in purples, reds and violets.

Decorative Plants

Plants that do not flower can be used to add color to a lawn during the winter months. Examples of non-flowering plants that can be vibrantly colored and accent a lawn well include ornamental kale and cabbage. These plants can also be edible, so adding color to a lawn also has a practical component.

For homeowners who would like to add color while planting an edible garden, Central Texas Gardener provides more information.

San Antonio landscaping with ABC Home & Commercial Services can help you add color to your yard. We are experienced in landscaping and lawn care in San Antonio, and we know how to add color to otherwise dull winter landscaping.

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