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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

a plant and an air purifier

Homeowners spend a lot of time ensuring their houses are clean and tidy. But many forget to clean the most essential thing in their homes–the air. Many of us don’t realize that we breathe in millions of particles, including dust, allergens and irritants, every day.

Having clean air at home is important, especially if someone in your home has asthma or allergies. If you’re wondering how to improve indoor air quality, we have some tips and tricks that can help. But the best thing you can do is to call an HVAC specialist to ensure you have clean and fresh air at home.

Tips on How to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

If you find yourself breathing easier when you’re away from your home or experiencing headaches at home, your home’s air may not be as healthy as it should be.

So, what causes poor indoor air quality? While many think pollution only … Read Full Post »

Best Season to Prune Trees

pruning trees

If you’re growing trees on your property, you’re probably eager to give them all the TLC they need to thrive. But before you head out to your garden and start pruning, knowing how to do this is important. Pruning trees is a misunderstood chore, leading homeowners to sometimes do more harm than good. Unfortunately, incorrect pruning can lead to poor or unnatural plant growth and low flower and fruit production.

If you want lush greenery in your garden, it helps to know the best season to prune trees. However, the timing depends on the type of tree and other factors.

Here’s an in-depth guide on when to schedule pruning and other helpful tips. For the best results, let a professional arborist take over. The arborist will give your trees the proper care they deserve. They can also tell you about the difference between tree pruning and trimming.

Best Season to Prune Trees: Factors … Read Full Post »

How To Prune Citrus Trees

a citrus tree

Imagine waking up to a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice every morning. With citrus trees in your garden, you can enjoy this. But to get the reward, you have to put some work into your citrus trees.

If you’re wondering how to prune citrus trees, here’s a guide to take you through the process. For busy homeowners who don’t have time for gardening work, a professional arborist can keep your citrus trees healthy and beautiful. The arborist has the tools and skills to prune, water and fertilize citrus trees.

How To Prune Citrus Trees: Methods, Timing and Equipment

Most deciduous trees need regular pruning to stay healthy. Pruning invigorates the trees and reconfigures their branches, making them less prone to breaking under heavy crops. It also helps them produce better-tasting fruits.

If you have experience with deciduous trees, like oak trees, you might think citrus trees require the same care. However, citrus … Read Full Post »

When Do Mosquitoes Come Out? How To Avoid These Pests

mosquitoes on a person's arm

As winter winds down, the days grow longer and the weather slowly begins to warm up. The beauty of it all almost makes us forget that it’s about time for mosquitoes to come out again. As many people know, mosquitoes are more active when it’s warmer outside. This is unfortunate because the same is also true for humans. Many of us, especially those of us with pleasant outdoor spaces, hope to get in as many comfortable afternoons and evenings outdoors as we can before mosquitoes come out in full force once again.

Of course, different people react to mosquito bites differently. Not everyone finds them terribly itchy and annoying, though many people do. Additionally, these pests seem drawn to certain people more than others—is it due to differences in pheromones? Carbon-dioxide output? Body heat levels? Do some people just have sweeter blood? Are mosquitoes attracted to perfume? As you feel yourself … Read Full Post »

Why Is My Pool Pump Leaking From the Top?

a pool pump leaking from the top

“Why is my pool pump leaking from the top?” This is a question many homeowners with pools ask certified pool professionals when they find their pool pump is leaking. Discovering a leak in your pool pump can be frustrating, but these leaks are actually very common.

Pool pumps have many different components, including a motor and housing as well as various gaskets, clamps and o-rings. If any of these parts breaks or wears out, it can cause a leak. Having too little water in your pool can also lead to a leak, since it can allow air into the pump. Of course, low water levels in the pool can also be the result of a pump leak, not the cause of it. In these cases, it can be helpful to learn your pool’s evaporation rate.

Whatever is causing the leak needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Some pump leaks can … Read Full Post »

How Are Generators Powered?

a standby generator

Power outages are not fun, especially if you’re in the middle of an important task. Power interruptions during extreme weather conditions can also be worrying.

Invest in a standby generator if you want peace of mind for you and your family. This backup power solution will ensure your lights, appliances and devices at home will keep working during unexpected power outages. But how are generators powered? Here’s an explanation of how generators work and their benefits for the home.

If you want to install one in your residence and ensure it’s running smoothly, contact a licensed electrician.

How Are Generators Powered?

With a standby generator, power outages will be a thing of the past in your home. It’s an automated system that gets its power from a fuel source of natural gas or propane.

A generator’s automatic transfer switch can sense when there’s an interruption in your home’s main power supply, signaling the generator unit. … Read Full Post »

What’s the Best Grass for Central Texas?

bermuda grass

Many central Texas homeowners find it difficult to know what type of grass is best for their lawn. While central Texas experiences mild temperatures for most of the year, the summers can reach sweltering levels of heat. It’s important to consider durable warm-season grasses that can withstand drought.

Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass, pictured above, has a high heat tolerance, which is important when you factor in the warm summers in central Texas. It’s also a grass that can resist drought well.

As a warm-season grass, bermuda grass thrives with well-drained soil and full sun. It’s an excellent choice for high-trafficked areas of your lawn because it grows densely. Its fine texture also makes it a very attractive grass to create a luscious green landscape.

One thing homeowners need to keep in mind when it comes to bermuda grass is that it turns brown and goes dormant in the winter. However, with the right care … Read Full Post »

Garbage Disposal Humming but Not Spinning

a garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are mighty pieces of equipment in the kitchen, able to grind up food scraps to prevent drain blockages. But just because they are sturdy doesn’t mean they will last forever. Like any appliance, they can develop issues over time and cause stress levels to rise.

One common problem homeowners experience is when the garbage disposal is humming but not spinning. With some troubleshooting knowledge, it’s possible to get your garbage disposal up and running again. But your DIY skills can only take you so far. Sometimes, you need the help of a professional plumber.

What To Do if Your Garbage Disposal Is Humming but Not Spinning

Garbage disposals aren’t silent workers. They hum as they run, and that’s normal. What’s not is if it’s making noise but not spinning. It’s still receiving power, so it’s not an electrical supply problem. Something else is causing the issue, and it could be any … Read Full Post »

Small Black Tick: Identification & Control Guide

a deer tick

Do you know how to identify a small black tick? These pests, also called deer ticks or black-legged ticks, are among the most common tick species. While they may be tiny, they can carry and transmit a host of dangerous diseases, including Lyme disease.

Small Black Tick: Identification & Control Guide

Ticks can become major annoyances for both humans and animals, so homeowners need to be able to identify these pests. The most common type of tick is a small black tick, also known as a deer tick or a black-legged tick.

You can identify this type of tick by its black legs, which is where it gets its name. Small black ticks are also smaller than other tick species. An adult is around the size of a sesame seed, while a nymph, a younger tick, is no bigger than a poppy seed.

Next, as the name suggests, most small black ticks are black. … Read Full Post »

Why Does My AC Keep Tripping the Breaker?

a breaker box

The AC is our best friend on blistering hot days. But it can also be our worst enemy if it keeps tripping the breaker and interrupting our cold air supply. It can be tempting to keep resetting the breaker so you can feel comfortable again, but that will only do more harm.

So, what should you do if your AC keeps tripping the breaker? Here are some ways to troubleshoot the issue and enjoy cool air again. If none of them work, there’s a more complex underlying problem that requires the attention of a pro. Contact an HVAC specialist who can get to the root cause and fix it.

What To Do If Your AC Keeps Tripping the Breaker

Breakers are safety devices in your home that prevent short circuits and overloads. Your AC’s breaker will trip when the unit pulls in more amps than the breaker can take. For example, a 20-amp … Read Full Post »