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After Avoiding the Spotlight for Years, Bed Bugs Are Making a Big Comeback

Returning Stars of the Pest Parade

Bed bugs recently returned after a 40-year absenceThey top the list of unwanted guests with the Texas hospitality industry, and San Antonio homeowners cringe at the idea of sharing space with these tiny trespassers. After a 40-year absence, bed bugs crawled back on the pest scene in the late 1990s, but it’s safe to say they never really retired.

Ancient Players

As far back as 400 BC, Cimex lectularius snuggled down with ancient sleepers and feasted on kings and commoners alike. Over the centuries, the insect’s reputation rose and fell with prevailing attitudes. Some civilizations considered its blood sucking abilities a cure for everything from ear infections to hysteria. These mistaken assumptions eventually fell to the wayside, but early pest control methods, such as dusting with black pepper and filling a home with smoke, involved a good share of nonsense as well.

Old-Fashioned Strategies

By the 1940s, the introduction of heavy-duty pesticides put a dent in the bed bug population. Common sense and the weather also discouraged the chorus line of nocturnal insects. You’ve heard the expression about sleeping tight so the bed bugs won’t bite. That saying referred to securely tucking fresh sheets around the mattress every night. No one goes to that much trouble today, but it was a common practice in mid-20th century homes fighting off persistent infestations. Hill Country winters also helped because a seasonal freeze was usually enough to kill off the unwanted house pests.

Modern Advancements

Fighting pest invasions with arsenals of toxic chemicals fell out of favor for good reason. Today’s strategies are environmentally friendly and just as effective. You don’t have to wash sheets in scalding water everyday or abandon central heat to ward off bed bugs. There are practical steps to take if you suspect a problem. Heat remediation is one of the latest eradication techniques, and it’s an effective strategy for homes and businesses.

Considering the bug’s long history, it’s hard to imagine a final curtain call. However, with the help of a professional service you don’t have to put up with the show. For information on eliminating this nighttime nuisance, contact our friendly staff at ABC Home & Commercial Services in San Antonio for a free estimate. We’ll cancel the bed bug’s act so you can sleep tight again.

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