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Are You Overwatering Your Lawn?


Stop drowning the grass and start practicing smart irrigation

Proper lawn care is all about balance. While it’s a good idea to give the grass a drink when it’s looking parched, overdoing it can lead to a host of problems that leave the lawn looking worse than before you watered.

Signs of Overwatering

How can you tell if you’ve been watering too often? One sign is the development of excess thatch. This layer of shallow-rooted plant material is routinely broken down on healthy lawns but can take over in the presence of too much water. Overwatering discourages grass from putting down deep roots, allowing thatch to thrive. Weeds that like damp areas may take up residence as well.

Watering too often promotes the growth of fungus which may appear as bright colors or brown spots. Dampness attracts insect pests that eat away at healthy grasses both above and below the ground, leaving unsightly damage and bare patches.

Other signs of overwatering include standing water or puddles around the lawn, water running off onto the sidewalk or into the road and a spongy feel to the ground when you walk on it. All of these indicate that the lawn isn’t absorbing the water you give it.

Timing Your Irrigation

To avoid overwatering, skip the hose and invest in a timed sprinkler system. Fully programmable, these setups water at specific times of day and can be directed to wet down only the parts of the lawn that need moisture. Some are designed with sensors to detect recent rainfall and avoid running unnecessary watering cycles.

Seasonal Watering Tips

As the Austin seasons change from the heat of summer to the cooler temperatures of fall and winter, your lawn’s need for water also changes. These seasons usually bring more rain, so you don’t have to run the sprinkler as often to maintain healthy grass. A good rule of thumb to follow is to hold off watering unless it hasn’t rained in several days and the grass starts to look parched. This is hardly ever necessary in winter as most growing things have “shut down” for the season.

When your lawn does need water, don’t let it become a soggy mess. Contact ABC Home & Commercial Services and speak with one of our lawn care specialists. We service, repair, and maintain sprinklers and irrigation systems to ensure proper functioning so your lawn always gets exactly the right amount of water. Simply schedule service through our website and we’ll send a specialist to your Austin home to take a look.

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