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Are Your Guests Sleeping With the Enemy?

The modern bed bug invasion and what to do about it

Bed bug infestations are on the riseAre unwelcome visitors feasting in your guest rooms? We’re not talking about intruders helping themselves to the minibar. We’re talking about bed bugs. Are they dining on your guests?

Bed bug infestations are on the rise. When the National Pest Management Association surveyed pest management companies in 2010, they found that 95% of the companies that responded had encountered bed bugs in the previous year, up from just 25% in 2006. The nasty things have been found in homes, hospitals, dorms, retail stores and even in the offices of the Wall Street Journal.

The hospitality industry is also on the creepy-crawly radar. When bed bugs invaded hotels in New York, it made headlines all over the world. Most people assume these creatures are a sign of poor housekeeping. The truth is that bed bugs are the world’s best hitchhikers. They hide in luggage and on shoes and clothing. They’ve even been found living on airplanes, although they probably don’t get frequent flier miles.

The reality is this: bed bugs go where people go. If your guests are people, bed bugs are coming to your hotel. It isn’t a question of whether you’re going to encounter them; it’s a question of whether you’ll be ready.

Three Keys to Bed Bug Control

Prevention: Rooms that are comfortable for humans should be unfriendly to pests. Use mattress encasements and eliminate clutter that can provide hiding places. Treat rooms with diatomaceous earth and other substances that keep bed bugs away. Any new furniture or linens should be carefully inspected before being placed in guest rooms. If an infestation occurs, your staff must know how to avoid transferring bed bugs to other rooms.

Detection: Your staff must become bed bug secret agents. Housekeepers and engineering staff are perfectly positioned to catch early signs of trouble, such as blood and fecal spots on bed linens. With the right training and procedures in place, infestations can be spotted and eliminated before guests are affected. A K-9 inspection offers even more security. Specially trained dogs are able to detect bed bugs no matter where they hide.

Treatment: Your pest control company has effective methods to get rid of bed bugs. In addition to traditional chemical methods, heat remediation provides excellent results. This technique kills bed bugs at every life stage while leaving the room and its contents undisturbed. A treated room can go back into service in as little as one day.

For help getting started on your bed bug control plan in the Dallas metro area, contact us to request a free estimate. We’re ready to help.

Are Your Guests Sleeping With the Enemy?

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