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Austin Landscaping: Four Seasons of Shrub Care

In Central Texas, a lush, green row of beautiful shrubs quickly offsets the often disagreeable heat, inviting friends and family to enjoy a bit of an oasis just outside your home. While watering, pruning and fertilizing are key factors in keeping your shrubbery healthy, these aspects of basic gardening work most efficiently when combined with a comprehensive lawn care system.

ABC Home & Commercial Services employs specialized Austin landscaping techniques in order to cater specifically to the various types of plant life found here. Rather than approach the care of your shrubbery and lawn with only spring and summer in mind, our team of experienced professionals believes that you deserve beautiful, healthy plants throughout the year. Our highly trained and certified lawn care experts work with you and your lawn to keep it looking its best, regardless of the season.

In order to provide customers with the best service available in Austin lawn maintenance, we utilize a proven system of turf enrichment, customized fertilization, proven watering schedules, insect control, disease control and weed control. The combination of these elements results in a lawn and bushes that are nourished to their full potential so that they can flourish any time of year.

If you are searching for a way to keep your lawn and shrubbery looking healthy and beautiful throughout the course of the year but thought it was impossible in Central Texas, turn to ABC Home & Commercial Services for help. ABC has been a trusted, reputable source for lawn care, pest control, home inspections, plumbing and irrigation for Austin residents and business owners since 1949.

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