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Avoid Your Own Episode of “Kitchen Nightmares”

As a restaurant owner, your worst nightmare is making a customer ill with your food and that’s exactly what could happen if just one disease-carrying cockroach or rat gains entry into your establishment. Almost every episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” features a horrifying scene of Gordon Ramsay pulling a refrigerator or grill away from the wall to reveal a sticky film of grease, rodent droppings and hundreds of cockroaches. The restaurant owners on the show often react with shock, but if they had been keeping up with basic sanitation practices and other preventive measures, the infestation never would have happened. If you suspect that you have a pest problem or want to prevent one, ABC Home & Commercial Services can ensure that your next health inspection doesn’t result in your restaurant being featured on television for all of the wrong reasons.Preventing a Pest Problem in Your Restaurant Kitchen

To prevent pest infestations in your commercial kitchen, you must first identify and eliminate all possible entry points that bugs and rodents may use. Make sure that door sweeps and window screens are functional and in good repair. You should also seal cracks on the outer and inner walls of the restaurant as well as any open spaces around water or stove pipes. Sanitation and proper food storage are also key factors in preventing infestations. You shouldn’t leave food sitting out any longer than it takes to prepare and cook it and spills should be cleaned up as soon as they happen. You should also perform a thorough cleaning and sanitization of all visible kitchen surfaces after each service. Additionally, do not wait until the health inspector is due for a visit to remove appliances and all other items from the kitchen and perform a deep cleaning. This task should be performed at least once a week.Signs of a Kitchen Infestation

Often, the signs of an infestation are obvious—you’ll see a roach crawl across a pile of dirty dishes or find ants in a bag of sugar. However, you may need to dig deeper to spot a problem before it escalates, especially if you’re dealing with a rodent infestation. Those droppings and urine stains hidden in dark corners could indicate that you have dozens of rats living inside your walls. Rather than do all of the detective work yourself, call upon our trusted professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services to assess the situation and devise a treatment plan.

Your Only Choice for Pest Control in Dallas

To keep your commercial kitchen in great shape, choose ABC Home the same Dallas pest control experts you trust to keep your home free of pests. Our pest control experts will help you eliminate infestation risk factors so that you can get back to the business of serving safe and delicious food to your customers.

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