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Bed Bug Stowaways

Texas homeowners have probably heard that bed bugs can enter their houses from outdoors. They may even be aware that new and used furniture can introduce them, but many don’t realize that some of the bed bugs in Austin are actually hitchhikers that were unknowingly carried home from vacations. People who travel frequently are more likely to give bed bugs a free ride. The tiny pests may be present on airplanes, buses or trains. They are common in hotels and can easily hide in your luggage and clothing.

There are several ways to keep these troublesome stowaways from settling into your home. Carefully inspect everything you bring home from your trip. Heating clothing in your dryer and any other heat-safe items to at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit will kill live bed bugs.

In hotels, visually check for bed bugs after completely removing all linens from the bed. Search for small, flat, reddish-brown bugs in all creases and folds. Don’t forget to look for bed bug excrement, which appears as small black dots. Before making reservations in the United States or Canada, check for information about your hotel at

If globe-trotting bed bugs have decided to settle down in your home, or if you have an established infestation from any other source, the best solution is professional help. ABC Home & Commercial Services is the premium source for bed bug and general pest control in Austin, Texas. We also provide services such as plumbing, heating and air, landscaping and irrigation for Austin residents who value proven expertise and consistent results.

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