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Can Your Lawn Reveal Your Deepest Secrets?

Which lawn personality are you?You probably won’t find lawn conditions mentioned in many pop psychology books, but if you look carefully, there may be a correlation between a person’s lawn and their personalities and priorities. At first glance, it might not seem important, but if you’re looking for a mate or trying to impress your neighbors, your personal environment and what it reveals about you could be a make-or-break factor. Here are a few personality types that could potentially be linked to lawn condition (and of course, we take these results with a grain of salt!).

The Control Freak

The Control Freak’s lawn is never more than a fraction of an inch too long or short. It’s the perfect shade of green, and any blemishes are quickly isolated and treated intensively until they’re back in formation. The Control Freak regularly inspects every plant in the yard and references the Texas Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab when necessary.

The Disordered Thinker

The lawns of Disordered Thinkers may look great one month and horrible the next. They never seem to understand that their efforts don’t produce permanent results. Their yards often feature unfinished projects and areas that are uneven or partially mowed. Disordered Thinkers tend to be spontaneous and fun but not consistent.

The Free-Spirited Naturalist

The Naturalist is more interested in what the lawn wants to do than how it can be made to conform. Organic, random and unhindered describe the Naturalist’s landscape. Control isn’t part of the plan. Unfortunately, this is the guy who neglects his yard until local authorities knock on his door. On a positive note, the Naturalist is very friendly and will probably offer you brownies.

The Minimalist

The Minimalist really doesn’t like to deal with lawn maintenance. In a Minimalist’s yard, you’ll see lots of low-maintenance groundcover and pebbles or mulch. This personality is busy, practical and direct. Simplicity is paramount in their lives.

The Environmentalist

Environmentalists care about the planet, and their green lawn practices reflect it. You’ll never see them using anything that’s toxic or wasteful. They’ll recycle anything they can and collect rainwater for their lawn. They may even use manual reel lawn cutters instead of electric or gas mowers. These guys work twice as hard to maintain their lawns, but it helps the environment, and their yards look great.

ABC Offers the Perfect Lawn Care Program for Every Personality Type

Whether you need a strict mowing schedule, soil analysis and fertilization services to maintain your picture-perfect lawn, or you just want someone to clear the weeds so you can find your long-lost patio furniture and open your back door, the experts at ABC Home & Commercial Services in San Antonio have got you covered. Our highly trained specialists will craft the perfect lawn care regimen to improve your landscape and your personal image, no matter what your grass tells us about you. Contact us today to schedule service.

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