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Creepy Ways Bed Bugs Can Get into Your Room

when it comes to bed bugs, big problems arrive in small packages pest control san antonioWhen it comes to bed bugs, big problems arrive in small packages. These tiny menaces strike just when you’re getting comfortable at home or on a much-needed vacation. Bed bugs are fast, dangerously effective at sucking blood and have plenty of creepy ways to sneak into your home. Whether you’re defending your own territory or trying to outsmart them in a hotel, it’s important to be bed bug aware.

Travel and Hotels

Bed bugs are natural travelers that are designed to hitch rides. Most travelers are wary of bed bugs in hotel mattresses, but they can hide in other places too. Bugs can even lurk on the straps of luggage stands. Infestations can also stem from household visitors, including that old friend who slept on your couch after visiting every youth hostel in North America. Watching out for bed bugs is the best way to minimize exposure.

Work and School

Schools have long been breeding grounds for body lice, bed bugs and infectious illnesses. Backpacks and clothing frequently carry bed bugs that can hop onto other kids at school. Infestations can also be passed to people in offices and communal workplaces. Taxi drivers, doctors, home healthcare workers, cleaning personnel and other professionals who come in contact with personal items have a greater risk of picking up bed bugs.


Apartment buildings are notorious for infestations that migrate between units. Roaches aren’t the only bugs that do this. Bed bugs are proficient inter-unit travelers. Electrical boxes and outlet covers are among their favorite hiding spots and access points. Caulking gaps is one prevention strategy, but keep in mind that electrical wiring and wall cavities are more vulnerable. Another place where bed bugs can latch on is in the shared laundry room of an apartment complex, so be mindful when handling your clothes.


Bed bugs love cushions, mattresses and crevices in upholstered items. Secondhand furniture is the most likely culprit. Think twice about the hidden cost of that cute armchair before you snatch it up at the garage sale or thrift store. If you can’t clean it or put it in the dryer, you might be better off without it. Surprisingly, new mattresses can also harbor bed bugs because they are often transported in trucks that haul away old mattresses.

Bed bugs are classic vagabonds, and they’re difficult to remove. At ABC Home & Commercial Services in San Antonio, we use non-toxic heat remediation treatments to eradicate bed bugs in all stages. Give us a call today or follow the link to request a free estimate. We’re ready to tackle any pest control problem.

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