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Decrease Damages during Attempted Home Intrusions

Thieves can cause a great deal of damage and steal many valuables in a short period. The average burglary victim spends about $2,000 on repairs and replacement items, according to To reduce the cost of a break-in, detecting and reporting burglars as soon as possible is crucial. Modern security systems offer many ways to do so! They often notify the authorities and sound an alarm before criminals succeed in entering the home.

A glass breakage detector triggers a siren if it “hears” the sound of a window shattering. When this happens, some burglars give up and flee the area. This technology allows security systems to detect burglars when they break glass instead of attempting to open doors and windows. It also alerts police to vandals who have no intention of entering the home. Criminals find many different ways to break in, so using various detection methods is essential.

Motion detectors help security systems sense intruders more quickly. They can spot thieves in outer rooms, such as enclosed porches or mudrooms. Unless the alarm has been disabled, it will sound if movement is observed inside the home. The security system notifies the home monitoring center as well. A staff member will attempt to contact the homeowner. If it doesn’t appear to be a false alarm, the local police will receive a call.

Door and window contacts can detect criminals before they climb in a window or fully open a door. These battery-operated sensors use wireless transmitters to alert the security system when an intruder begins to enter the home. If the system is armed, it will activate a siren and inform the monitoring center that a break-in may have occurred. This type of sensor also notifies the control panel when its batteries run low. The panel displays a message that asks the homeowner to install new batteries.

Combined, these three technologies make it very difficult to enter a home undetected. An extra benefit is that many thieves won’t attempt to burglarize a home if it has an alarm. ABC Home & Commercial Services installs sophisticated security systems for Houston residents. With our help, homeowners can avoid burglaries, save thousands of dollars, and avoid spending time replacing stolen items. For the best home security in Houston, please call us today.

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