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Home Invaders: Which Species of Roaches Infest the Indoors?

The hot, humid environment in Texas provides an ideal breeding ground for many insect species, including one of the most hated pests, the cockroach. Several roach species live primarily outdoors and go unnoticed due to their nocturnal habits. Still, some creepy insects enter the home and establish populations within walls or other dark hiding spots. Pest control in Houston is essential for residents to eliminate and control these bugs that harbor inside buildings.

Common Roach Species in Houston

German cockroaches are the small species that cause the most problems indoors. Due to their ability to eat anything, hide in tiny crevices, and breed rapidly, Houston pest control companies utilize several tactics to eliminate these insects. German roaches live exclusively indoors, contributing to germ distribution, allergies, and asthma. American cockroaches are startling when spotted because of their large size. Living both inside homes and outdoors, they are the most common species in Houston. American roaches find shelter in dark, moist places like wood piles, basements, and underneath cabinets and large appliances. Two other species in the Houston area are Oriental and Smokey brown roaches, which live primarily outdoors, but sometimes enter the home searching for food or water.

How Do Roaches Enter the Home?

Despite their large sizes, cockroaches have flat bodies that can fit through cracks underneath doors and windows. Some species gain entrance through electrical wiring and plumbing fixtures. Although it may be impossible to seal off every entryway, roach problems can be prevented by creating an environment that they find unappealing.

Sanitation and a professional Houston pest control company are essential for protecting your home from these invaders. Roaches need food and water to survive, so eliminating crumbs and water sources is the first step to preventing infestations. Daily cleaning of floors and food-preparation surfaces will help remove what roaches seek. These insects search for food and water at night, so don’t leave any wet items, such as mops and pet dishes, on the floor after bedtime. Vacuum regularly within their favorite hiding spots like underneath appliances and dark crevices. Once you spot one cockroach in the home, more are probably hiding, so rely on ABC Home & Commercial Services to help control and prevent future pest problems.

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