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Houston Commercial HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Houston Commercial HVAC Systems

 A finely tuned commercial HVAC system works more efficiently and can save your Houston business from costly repairs. There are free and low-cost options for saving energy and bills that you can implement quickly into your business or facility. Some of those include:


  • Adjust workplace schedules to reduce energy use during the hours when there is the most electricity demand. If employees start work earlier or have lunch during the hottest hour, a company can save on air conditioning, lighting, and other electricity use during peak electricity demand.
  • Prevent solar entry and air-conditioning loss during the summer. Use shades and blinds to keep the sun out. Close doors to the outside to keep in cooler air.
  • Add controls to the exhaust fan. These fans remove the air you have already paid to cool. Ask your air conditioning contractor to install timers and switches to shut them off when unnecessary, such as when the building is unoccupied.
  • Install an energy-efficient attic fan or evaporative cooler. Attic fans or evaporative coolers help reduce or replace air conditioner use.
  • Perform regular maintenance on cooling equipment. Regularly clean condenser coils, change belts and filters, and fix duct leaks. Also, check for proper economizer operation and adequate refrigerant levels. Maintenance activities can save up to 30% of fan and 10% of space conditioning energy.
  • Perform regular maintenance on heating equipment. Inspect and patch leaky heating ducts. Fix steam leaks: clean blower coils and heat exchanger surfaces. Adjust belt drives, dampers, valves, and linkages.
  • Perform regular maintenance to keep heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems running more efficiently. Maintenance activities can save up to 30% of fan and 10% of space conditioning energy.
  • Reduce air conditioning and heating hours by installing a time clock to turn off the system when the building is unoccupied.



ABC Houston’s Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program provides regular check-ups for all brands of AC and heating systems. Our Maintenance checklist includes items like:

  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Test for proper voltage
  • Check & lubricate blowers & fan motors
  • Test for natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide levels
  • Inspect air ducts for leakage or damage
  • Inspection and replacement of filters

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