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Houston is a Prime Target for Solar Power

During the summer, Houston can hit triple-digit temperatures. Homeowners spend hundreds each month cranking up their air conditioners. Instead of purchasing electricity from the power company, homeowners can eliminate their utility bills by switching to solar power and upgrading their homes with energy-efficient upgrades.

Cheaper Prices and Bigger Savings

Manufacturing costs associated with solar panels are dropping fast, and homeowners are reaping the rewards. Adjusted for inflation, solar panels in 1989 cost $8.78 per watt in 2010 dollars, but the average price per solar panel in 2010 dropped to just $2.79, its lowest price ever. In that same period, photovoltaic panel shipments increased 100-fold.

Photovoltaic technologies offer a reliable and future-proof energy source compared to fossil fuels. Since 2002, coal has nearly doubled in price, while petroleum costs five times as much. If current trends continue, solar panels will cost about $1.00 per watt by the decade’s end, but coal and oil will cost 50-75& more.

If the average price of electricity goes up to $0.20 per kWh, a solar panel, minus the installation cost, would pay for itself in about three years. Professional installation would raise that time to five or six years. However, solar panels offer protection against power outages and future spikes in energy costs. After the solar panels pay for themselves, homeowners receive free electricity. Over the 20-year estimated lifespan for most solar panels, homeowners will save about 75% on their energy bills.

Other Cost Incentives

Homeowners can also take advantage of tax credits to sweeten the deal. For photovoltaic panel arrays, homeowners will receive a tax credit equal to 30% of the cost of the new solar power system with no upper limit.

Combined with energy-efficient Houston HVAC systems, area homeowners can cut their energy bills even more to the tune of thousands of dollars each year, and every energy-efficient home improvement is an investment that will reap dividends over years or even decades.

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