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How to Keep Brown Recluse Spiders at Bay

It’s a fact that all Houston homes and businesses have spiders lurking in their walls, attics, and other hiding places—even in winter when they tend to seek shelter indoors. Most of them are harmless, and their presence is helpful because they keep insect populations under control. However, one spider, in particular, can be very dangerous when it comes into contact with humans: the brown recluse.

Identifying the Brown Recluse

These non-hairy spiders range in color from tan to dark brown and, once they reach adulthood, are usually the size of a quarter with their legs extended. The brown recluse’s most distinctive feature is a violin-shaped marking on its back. Brown recluse spiders can be found outdoors under piles of wood or debris and indoors in cluttered, dark places such as garages and attics.

The Dangers of Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spiders rarely wander out into the open unless searching for food so these arachnids can live in your home without your knowledge.  They are not typically aggressive, so the danger mainly exists when you invade their space. If you put your foot in a shoe with a brown recluse spider or accidentally touch one while rummaging through a box, you could be bitten. You may not feel the bite at first, but it will become painful after a few hours, and you may experience itching, nausea, vomiting, and fever. The bite’s appearance may range from red spots to bluish necrotic lesions. Most lesions will harden and heal over the next few weeks, but you should always seek immediate medical care because of the risk of extensive tissue damage from the toxic venom.

Preventive Measures Around the Home

Removing their favorite hiding places is the key to reducing the population of brown recluse spiders in and around your Houston home. This means moving piles of debris or firewood away from your home and reducing the clutter in your garage, attic, and basement as much as possible. Always wear long pants, sleeves, and gloves when performing these tasks. You should also inspect the perimeter of your house to determine if you have entry points such as loose window screens or faulty door sweeps. Better yet, let the professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services in Houston thoroughly evaluate your home and help you eliminate the root causes of brown recluse invasions.

Houston Pest Management

For pest control in Houston you can trust, contact ABC Home & Commercial Services today. Our Houston pest management specialists have an arsenal of strategies to not only drive away the spiders already living with you but also prevent new ones from invading your property or home.

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