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How to Keep Your Lawn Beautiful This Winter

The best foundation for a landscaping display is a green lawnWinterize your outdoor space to ensure a healthy lawn in the spring

Autumn has a way of becoming winter in the blink of an eye. Before your lawn gets overtaken by frost or disappears under an unexpected layer of snow, it needs special attention. Try these tips to get your grass ready for the cold.

Get Rid of the Leaves

The carpet of accumulated leaves covering your grass deprives it of light, which can result in an unhealthy, brown lawn come spring. Though it can be a tedious job, breaking out the rake and cleaning up allows the grass to breathe. Using the mower to turn debris into mulch is another option, but this won’t break up thatch the way raking can.

Feed Your Grass Right

Frost is the determining factor as to whether you should fertilize your lawn before winter. If you have warm-season grass and anticipate that it will freeze over during winter, it may be better not to fertilize, because any new growth you encourage with fertilizer will likely die off. However, if you have warm-season grass and live in an area with mild winters, or if you have cool-season grass, fertilizing before the onset of winter is a good idea. If your grass is already looking lush, do a soil test to make sure you don’t over-feed it and wind up with a burned lawn.

Aerate and Plant

Aeration involves taking spikes of soil out of the lawn to loosen up the dirt and make room for seeds. Use a manual or motorized aerator to open up spaces before spreading grass seed specifically meant for cool temperatures. Rake just enough to cover the seeds before grabbing the hose and giving the whole lawn a gentle watering. Try to mimic rainfall to avoid overdoing it. If temperatures don’t drop too much during the winter, you should see new growth coming up to fill in any bare spots around the lawn.

Do One Last Mowing

As the weather gets cooler, lower the setting on your mower to shorten the grass. You’ll encourage new growth in the months before winter and be rewarded with a beautiful green lawn come spring. Shorter grass also discourages pests from bedding down during the winter and causing unsightly dead spots around the yard.

If all this seems like a lot to tackle, call the specialists at ABC Home & Commercial Services. From simple lawn care to decorative landscaping, our professional staff is prepared to do everything necessary to get your lawn ready for the winter. Visit our website or pick up the phone today to schedule lawn maintenance before winter sets in and brings its chill to the Austin area.

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