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Landscape Ideas for Front of the House

The front of a house

Are you ready to turn the front of your house into your dream landscape? When it comes to landscape ideas for the front of the house, the options are endless. From flowers to hedges to vegetable gardens, you can achieve any look you want while boosting your home’s curb appeal at the same time.

The best way to achieve your dream front yard is to take your ideas to a landscaping specialist and let them bring them to life.

Landscape Ideas for Front of the House

A front yard allows homeowners to be creative and curate a beautiful landscape. You can wow your guests and turn your front yard into a space that you love to spend time in.

The following landscape ideas for the front of the house are appealing for several reasons. Some are simple to install and maintain, while others require more care. If you want to transform your front yard, contact a landscaping specialist to discuss your goals and ideas. A professional will offer expert advice, ideas and insights to help make your dream front yard a reality.

Add Ornamental Grass to Your Front Lawn

Adding ornamental grass to your front lawn is an easy way to add texture and movement to the front of your house. Ornamental grasses come in various heights, colors and textures, making your lawn more visually interesting than regular grass.

Popular types of ornamental grasses include feather reed grass, blue fescue and Japanese forest grass.

Feather reed grass can grow up to four feet tall, making it an elegant choice for your front lawn that adds an interesting vertical effect. As the name suggests, it has a feathery texture and produces colorful stalks. In the springtime, the stalks are reddish-brown, and in the fall, they turn into a beautiful, warm gold color.

Next, blue fescue is a silvery-blue grass that grows up to one foot high. It grows densely, but the grass blades have a very fine texture. The blades grow outward from the plant’s crown, creating an orb-like shape.

Japanese forest grass is a lush ground cover grass that grows in bright green or gold shades. The leaves grow around ten inches long and cascade in an arch shape, making this plant a beautiful focal point for your front lawn.

Add Structure to Your Front Yard With Shrubbery

Shrubs are versatile bush-like plants that serve various purposes in your front yard. They provide privacy, visual interest and structure to your landscaping design and make the perfect backdrop for your other plants and flowers.

Popular types of shrubs include boxwood, hydrangea and lilac. Boxwoods are perfect for hedges or topiary. They provide a classic evergreen look that never goes out of style.

Next, hydrangea shrubs are perfect for adding a pop of color to the front of your house. They produce beautiful blooms in a variety of colors.

Lastly, lilac shrubs are known for their gorgeous purple flowers that give off a pleasant fragrance in the springtime. They are perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your front lawn.

Add Flower Beds to Your Front Yard For a Burst of Color

Flowers make every lawn brighter and friendlier, and the options are endless. You can design your flower beds in several ways to achieve your desired look. For example, you can arrange your flowers by color, height or growing season.

Landscaping experts recommend planting a variety of perennials and annuals so that your front lawn always has something blooming.

Use Hedges as Natural Barriers to Add Privacy to Your Front Yard

Would you like more privacy in your front yard but don’t want to construct a fence? Hedges are perfect for increasing privacy and visual interest. They are also great for noise reduction and maintaining property lines.

Popular privacy hedges include arborvitae, privet and holly hedges. Arborvitae hedges are dense, tall hedges with a beautiful evergreen color. They grow quickly, which makes them perfect for adding privacy to your front yard. These impressive hedges can grow to 40 to 60 feet tall and spread to 15 feet.

Next, privet hedges grow up to 15 feet tall and are known for their density and bright green color. They are flowering shrubs that produce small flowers at the summer’s beginning, followed by black fruit clusters.

Finally, holly hedges are thick, evergreen shrubs that produce beautiful red berries in the winter. They grow between 15 and 30 feet tall, but mature holly hedges are known for growing even taller.

Plant a Vegetable Garden to Make Your Front Yard More Productive

There’s no rule that says you can only plant a vegetable garden in your backyard. Your front yard may be the best place for your garden based on the soil, light and moisture it gets.

A vegetable garden in the front of your house adds visual interest while producing a bounty of vegetables for your family. If you want your front yard to be functional and beautiful, this idea is perfect.

There are several ways to add vegetable plants to your front yard and maintain a look you love. For example, you can plant them in charming raised beds made from unfinished wood to give your lawn a rustic look.

You can also mix your vegetable plants with your flowers for an aesthetically pleasing look. Some low-growing vegetables, such as lettuce or herbs, are great options for lining a pathway.

As you can see, the options are endless when it comes to landscape ideas for the front of the house. Contact a local landscaping specialist to start making plans to achieve your dream front lawn.

a front garden

How To Make a Beautiful Garden in Front of a House

To create a beautiful garden in the front of your house, you need to start with the design. Consider the layout of your yard and where you could put your flower beds and other landscaping.

Next, choose the look you want to achieve, such as cottage style, traditional style or modern style. Look online for inspirational pictures until you find a style you like. Consider the focal points you want to add to your garden, such as a tree, shrub, sculpture or water feature.

Once you have the design in mind, choose your plants. For central Texas yards, landscaping experts recommend choosing heat and drought-resistant plants so that your garden is vibrant all year round.

Additionally, using native plants is a low-maintenance way to create a beautiful garden because they are adapted to the soil and temperatures where you live. Consult with a specialist in your area to help you pick the perfect plants.

Finally, consider incorporating these elements into your garden to add to its beauty:

  • Plant a corner garden
  • Add mulch for a finished look
  • Incorporate pathways and edging
  • Install garden lights

Working with a landscaping specialist is the best way to bring your dream garden to life. They can guide you in the design and plant selection process and help you maintain your garden so that you can enjoy your front yard all year long.

A front entrance

How To Landscape a Front Entrance

Your yard is not the only element of the front of your house that can be made beautiful with landscaping. Adding plants, lighting and stones to your front yard can add visual appeal and functionality to your property.

Front entrance landscaping is beneficial for guiding visitors to your home. Whether you install a stone pathway or add stunning plants, you can use visual elements to direct visitors to your driveway and front door.

Next, lighting and pathways make the front of your home safer while boosting curb appeal at the same time. Lighting options include path lights, spotlights and solar lights, all of which can add an ambient charm to your front lawn. Pathway options include natural stones, pavers or simple stepping stones. You can even explore outdoor tree lighting ideas.

Another way to add landscaping to your front entrance is to frame your front door with plants. A stylish wreath and potted plants can go a long way in increasing your home’s charm and curb appeal.

For more ideas on how to landscape a front entrance, contact your local landscaping specialist.

Bring Your Dream Front Lawn to Life With a Landscaping Specialist

Adding landscaping to the front of your house adds curb appeal and functionality and creates an outdoor space you’ll love spending time in.

Working with a landscaping specialist is the surest way to bring your dream yard to life. You can take all of your ideas and questions to them and work together to design a front yard you will love.

ABC Can Help You Create the Yard of Your Dreams

As a homeowner, there are so many things you have to stay on top of, and the laundry list of tasks never seems to get any shorter. ABC Home & Commercial Services can make it so you have one less thing to worry about. We can take on all your lawn care needs without you having to lift a finger. Our pros can do it all, even recommending drought-tolerant plants, so your yard stays vibrant through dry periods.

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