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Love Your Lawn…Without Chinch Bugs

It starts when you notice just a slight yellowing of your once lush lawn. At first, you consider the recent lack of rain, but the yellowing continues to spread and turns your prized lawn into an eyesore. A healthy lawn that turns ugly yellow is one sign that a homeowner is dealing with a chinch bug infestation.

Chinch bugs are lawn pests that feed on healthy grass. The problems use a straw-like part of their mouths to drink the juice of a grass blade while injecting harmful chemicals into the plant. A chinch bug infestation results in a yellow, unhealthy lawn that is typically most damaged in areas exposed to sunlight.

They are identifying whether a chinch bug infestation involves investigating the grass near the soil. Chinch bugs tend to be more active on hot days in the summer and in areas that receive direct sunlight. Anyone interested in improving their Houston landscape should consider eradicating these tiny uninvited guests.

Proactive Houston lawn care starts with a call to pest and lawn services as soon as an infestation of chinch bugs is suspected. As noted above, yellowing of the lawn despite sufficient watering is the most obvious sign of the presence of these pests. A Houston lawn maintenance specialist can help a homeowner eliminate an infestation that has resulted in an unsightly, unhealthy lawn that has lost its welcoming feeling. ABC Home & Commercial Services has the experience and equipment to transform a lawn ravaged by chinch bugs into the lush, welcoming space it once was.

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