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Monitor Your Home From Anywhere!

More people are buying video surveillance and alarm systems in Houston, but burglaries are not the only reason for the recent popularity of these systems. People are discovering the multiple benefits Houston home security systems offer. A CCTV system with one or more cameras allows homeowners to view their property in real-time anywhere there is Internet access.

See what the kids are doing. When teenagers and kids arrive home from school before their parents do, they may be tempted to get into trouble. A camera system allows parents to observe their home whenever they want and ensure their kids aren’t eating cookies before dinner or throwing a football in the house. Parents can also have peace of mind knowing their children safely made it home.

Outdoor cameras are effective at deterring criminals. When thieves stake out homes, they look for properties with easy access, no alarm, and no cameras. No criminal wants to be caught on camera. With the wireless capabilities of modern systems, criminals know they cannot simply clip a few wires to erase their tracks. Thieves rarely attempt to enter a home with cameras installed. If they are audacious enough to do so, an audible alarm system will act as an additional deterrent when set off, and property owners will then have images to relay to law enforcement officials.

Added Benefits:
In some cases, people spot problems before they become disasters. For example, a person may check in on their home via camera while away and notice smoke or sparking. Calling the fire department before a full-blown fire erupts could save your home. If a camera points to a vehicle on the street that is hit, it may be possible to rewind the footage to catch the hit-and-run driver. A CCTV system is also great for pet owners. They are being able to watch your pets while away from home can help with training and with possible pet emergencies.

Regarding safety and peace of mind, neither one can be compromised. Fortunately, ABC Home & Commercial Services can install a state-of-the-art camera system for an affordable price. We offer quality Houston security systems that allow you to view your home via Internet access.

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