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Replace or Repair Your Appliances: How You Can Decide What’s Best

Every homeowner knows the feeling of trying to coax service out of an appliance that doesn’t quite work. Maybe your air conditioner is kicking out lukewarm air or your stovetop can’t maintain even heat. When it comes time to decide what to do with problem appliances, you may be unsure if you should replace them or have them repaired. Instead of stressing over the decision, use our simple guidelines to determine if it’s time to call in the handyman or make a trip to the appliance store.

Should You Choose Appliance Repair or Replacement?

It’s important to take several factors into consideration when deciding to repair or replace an appliance. First and foremost, you’ll need to look at the service life expectancy for the appliance. For example, most dishwashers are expected to provide about 10 years of service. If you’re at or past that mark, it’s probably a good time to replace your appliance.

Take time to evaluate the overall condition of the appliance. Service life expectancy charts give a good idea of how long a given item can work, but they don’t paint the whole picture. Think about how often you use the appliance and whether you’ve completed any necessary maintenance. If your appliance is in good shape and hasn’t been used frequently, consider choosing repair over replacement.

It’s also essential to weigh the costs of appliance repair and replacement before making your decision. For HVAC equipment and most other major appliances, we recommend that you replace your unit if repair costs are 50% or more of the unit’s value. If it will cost $1,500 to fix a heater that you purchased for $3,000, it’s likely time to replace the heater.

Making the Most of Repairs and Replacements

Having an appliance break down might not seem like an opportunity to most homeowners, but you can leverage this experience to your benefit. As you consider your repair or replacement options, remember to keep energy savings in mind. Choosing the right repair strategy or replacement appliance has helped many Austin homeowners cut down on utility costs while still enjoying total comfort and convenience.

Imagine that you’re considering having an older washing machine repaired so that it can provide two more years of service life. Take some time to think through not just how much the repairs will cost, but how much it costs to run the washing machine every month. If you can replace it with a more efficient model that will help you cut down on utility bills, consider doing so.

You may also be able to take advantage of special tax credits and rebates when you buy energy-efficient appliances. Explore our blog or make an appointment with us today if you’d like to talk more about your appliance repair or replacement options.

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