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Smoke Alarms 101

Smoke alarms are essential for your and your family’s safety. Do you know what kind of smoke alarm you have, and are you aware of how your alarm is powered?

Types of Smoke Alarms

The U.S. Fire Administration explains that two types of smoke alarms are available.

An ion smoke alarm is a less expensive option and most beneficial in open flames. The quick reaction that an ion type of alarm has makes it ideal in the case of a kitchen fire that has been caused by cooking.

A photoelectric type of smoke alarm is more sensitive to fires that involve smolders instead of open flames.

While the two types of alarms have different reactions to fires, both are effective for helping people stay informed during a fire.

There are also different methods for powering a smoke alarm:

9-volt batteries are the most common power source for smoke alarms. These batteries should be changed at least once yearly to ensure an alarm is working. Approximately one month before the battery is completely dead, the unit will start to beep to alert occupants that the battery needs to be changed.

Household electricity is used for other smoke alarms. These units also contain a battery in case the power goes out.

The Importance of Smoke Alarms

You may think that you will be able to get out of a home in the case of a fire whether the smoke alarm is working or not, but the fact is that smoke alarms have been proven to reduce fatality associated with building fires significantly.

Studies have shown that smoke alarms cut the risk of fatality from a house fire by as much as 50%.

Risks of a Malfunctioning Smoke Alarm

If you have a smoke alarm that does not work correctly, getting it fixed as soon as possible is essential. A malfunctioning smoke alarm could be as risky as having no alarm.

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