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Striped Bark Scorpions High in Numbers

Some unwanted guests are making frequent appearances in San Antonio due to this past summer’s heat: striped bark scorpions. They are the most common type of scorpion found in Texas, but San Antonio residents do not want these creepy critters taking up residence in their homes. Knowing more about these arthropods will help you avoid a direct encounter with them.

Where to Find Striped Bark Scorpions

Striped bark scorpions prefer cool, dark places. In outdoor locations, they can be found in crevices around buildings, under rocks and even under water dishes for pets. Unfortunately, they can easily get into homes through small cracks. Caulking around windows is important. Make sure doors have weather stripping to prevent spaces underneath. If there are any other unsealed openings into the home, seal them well. Keep in mind—scorpions can climb. When they do get into homes, they tend to hide in or under furniture, in shoes and in piles of clothing.

How to Avoid Scorpions

Kids and adults should wear shoes during outdoor activities. When picking up objects, it is best to use a stick to turn them over first to avoid startling a defensive scorpion. These creatures are nocturnal, so they crawl around more at night. Although they are not typically aggressive, they will sting a person who comes too close.

Sting Concerns

While fatalities are not common consequences of scorpion stings, they can occur. This is usually due to anaphylactic shock and not the venom itself. Stings are painful, and the pain may not subside for at least 30 minutes. Some people have numbness for several days after a sting. To help with prevention, contact a San Antonio pest control company if the encounter occurred in or around your home.

Even if your home is currently free of scorpions, our goal is to keep it that way. At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we offer effective methods for pest control in San Antonio. San Antonio exterminators with ABC offer extensive knowledge in pest control and we provide the best service in town.

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