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Controlling Texas Ants

“The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah,” is a refrain everyone is familiar with, but does anyone actually cheer when the ants are marching? You certainly won’t be singing if they’re marching across your kitchen counter searching for missed crumbs to feast on. In San Antonio, this is an especially big problem because we play host to several different species of ants, including red imported fire ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, crazy ants, odorous house ants, rover ants, and leaf cutting ants. To make things even worse, each type of ant has different behaviors and characteristics, often requiring different pest control treatment methods.

So, what is the average person supposed to do when those first brave ants start scouting out your home?

First, it’s a good idea to know what type of ant you’re dealing with. Check out this Texas A&M article about how to identify your new … Read Full Post »

ABC Dallas Takes Home Angie’s List Super Service Award

Prize Proves We’re Trusted by North Texans and Feared by Pests

To rid your home of nasty critters and harmful insects, you need a pest control company with experience, expertise, and a sterling reputation. But how do you identify such a company? Well, if a business wins the 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award—as we did—that’s definitely a powerful endorsement.

Angie’s List is a nationally-known customer protection brand. This website collects tens of thousands of reviews from consumers every month that rate and discuss the services provided by companies in more than 700 different categories. Today, millions of Americans rely on the aggregate judgments that this website renders.

The Angie’s List Super Service Award is not easy to win. To be considered for this honor, a company must consistently earn rave reviews. Specifically, it needs a recent A average and an A average during the periods when the website’s selection committee chooses award … Read Full Post »

At-Home Pest Control: What You Need to Know

Although the vast majority of the population will generally agree that having pests in the home is completely unacceptable, the ways that people deal with these issues vary greatly. By learning a bit more about various pest control options, however, you can get a better idea of how to keep these creatures out of your home.

Store-Bought Pesticides

The first instinct that many people have after seeing an insect, rodent or other household pest is to invest in a store-bought spray or other chemical treatment. If you purchase the right product and use it as directed, you might see some difference in the number of pests that are in your home. These products can be dangerous if they are not used correctly, however, and many of them don’t work as well as advertised. Although store-bought products might work well for minor pest-related issues, they aren’t usually sufficient for handling infestations.


From small traps … Read Full Post »

The Hidden Costs of Termites

Termites are perhaps one of the most dreaded pests in the United States. The sight of a termite around a property can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The elusive wood-destroying insects can be dated back to the age of the dinosaurs and are known to cause over $5 billion in property damages every year across the nation. Not only that, a home that has been infested by termites might depreciate substantially in terms of property value.

The humid sub-tropical climate of San Antonio can be very conducive to infestation by both drywood termites and subterranean termites. For homeowners, it can be very beneficial to get acquainted with the different species of termites and their telltale signs of infestation. The slightest indication of an infestation should always be taken seriously and never ignored. Seeking prompt professional assistance is the key to complete eradication of the pests and reduced financial losses for the … Read Full Post »

Help Save Honey Bees from Colony Collapse Disorder

Rest easy, Austin. Pest control measures and saving bees from impending doom can coexist.

Reports vary, but Colony Collapse Disorder kills between 30% and 90% of our bee population each year. The Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency recognize CCD as a serious concern, yet conflicting information results in public mass confusion. Pest control chemicals can affect bees when applied carelessly, but Austin residents can both live without pests and save the bees.

What is CCD?

Worker bees, those industrious workers that collect nectar, fly off to work and don’t return. They die away from the hive, which leaves the queen and young bees alone. Queens and baby bees can’t maintain the colony and the entire colony collapses. This is CCD, and it’s often mistaken for pesticide poisoning, which has a definitive cause resulting in many dead bees in and around the hive.

USDA and EPA researchers have strong leads regarding the … Read Full Post »

5 Ways That You’re Attracting Pests (Even If You Don’t Know It)

Although you probably already know that leaving food lying around is a good way to attract pests, you might be surprised by all of the things that can encourage insects and rodents to establish residence in your home. Take a look at these five common things that attract pests; by following these tips, you can help eliminate critters from your home.

1. There’s Moisture in Your Home

Insects love moisture, so check all of your plumbing to make sure you don’t have any leaks. Any water in your home should be dealt with as soon as possible to discourage pests and prevent property damage.

2. You Have Damaged Screens

Small imperfections in your window and door screens might not seem like a big deal, but many insects can crawl their way through surprisingly tiny holes, so don’t give them that chance. If your screens have holes, you should replace them right away.

3. You Have … Read Full Post »

Protect Your Pets from These Pests

Everyone that owns a dog or a cat knows the importance of treating them for fleas and keeping a close watch for ticks in the area. These are the two prime pests to be vigilant about when you’re a responsible pet owner, but they aren’t the only ones. Pets are resilient, but they are at much greater risk of harm from insects and other critters than people. If you want to make sure your pets are protected, here are some other pests you should know about.


These blood suckers are also disease-carrying machines. Everyone is aware of the West Nile Virus dangers that mosquitoes can pose to humans, however, they also carry multiple disease that can harm your pets. The West Nile Virus can also impact your pets with the same flu-like symptoms and potential damage to the nervous systems that humans exhibit. Add to that potential threats such as heartworms … Read Full Post »

Art from an Anthill?

New viral videos spring up all the time, but one involving fire ants has really managed to capture people’s imaginations. Instead of showing the pests swarming around a field or invading someone’s home, the video shows an artist pouring molten aluminum into an anthill to create an incredible sculpture of sorts. It’s called anthill art, and it’s creating a lot of buzz. Some folks are enthralled by the gorgeous sculptures, which look a lot like metal Christmas trees, while others are upset that entire fire ant colonies are destroyed in the process (even though fire ants are technically an invasive species). No matter how you feel about the subject, there’s no denying the awesome artistic results.

What’s Under There?

Have you ever seen an anthill and wondered what lies below the surface? There are obviously tunnels and chambers where the ants carry on their day-to-day business, but what do they really look … Read Full Post »

Preventing Scorpion Infestations from the Inside Out

The thought of having stray scorpions crawling in and around your house is an uncomfortable one to say the least. These resilient pests are known to thrive even in the most extreme temperatures and can survive very well in the cracks and crevices of your home and yard. Infestation by these nocturnal arthropods is becoming increasingly common in the San Antonio area. All species of scorpions can sting with their characteristic venom, but very few of them are known to be actually deadly to human beings. Having these pests in your vicinity can be overwhelming. Taking a few simple measures can be extremely helpful in detracting the pests and keeping your property safe from their occupation.

Say No to Scorpions

Like a lot of other household pests, scorpions love clutter. Leaking pipes, holes, cracks and vents on the walls and sewage drains can serve as the perfect entry points into your home. … Read Full Post »

Do Dirty Homes Attract Pests?

Good Housekeeping Habits Won’t Necessarily Keep Pests at Bay

Like many people, you may have always thought that pests won’t invade your home as long as you keep it neat and clean. If only it were that simple. While it’s true that some pests are drawn to less-than-sanitary conditions, many others will make themselves at home in even the tidiest of places. Therefore, you shouldn’t take an infestation as a sign that your housekeeping skills need honing.

With that being said, it’s never a bad idea to keep the premises as clean as possible. Pests like cockroaches, rodents and ants seek out places where they can easily find food, and homes that aren’t swept, vacuumed and scrubbed down regularly attract them like moths to a flame. You’ve probably seen this in action yourself. In some parts of Texas, leaving even a few crumbs on a patio will instantly attract large numbers of … Read Full Post »