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Often-Forgotten Care Tips for Your Washer and Dryer

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Save money and stay safe by maintaining your appliances

The National Fire Protection Association reports that America’s washers and dryers sparked nearly 17,000 fires during 2010. The flames destroyed property worth over $230 million. Laundry appliances will operate more safely and last longer if you set aside time to maintain them. These care tips can prevent serious water leaks, fires, explosions, and clothing damage:

1. Inadequate dryer cleaning causes the majority of fires. People often check lint filters but neglect other components. It’s best to disconnect the exhaust duct every 12 months and remove any debris that has accumulated. Clean around the dryer’s motor with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Most importantly, remember to remove lint from the external dryer vent at least once every 180 days. Clean it more often if you have a large family. This will prevent lint fires and ensure that your dryer doesn’t overheat. You can find this vent at the end of the exhaust duct.

3. Every month, inspect your washer and dryer for signs of deterioration. Pay extra attention to the exhaust duct, gas line, and water hoses. Bulges or cracks signify that a leak may be imminent. If you see them, replace the hose soon. Be sure to tighten any loose connections.

4. Consider replacing certain components with more durable parts. If your washer has plastic or rubber hoses, you may prevent leaks by installing water hoses with steel braiding. They cost slightly more than rubber units. You can reduce the risk of fire by using an aluminum exhaust duct instead of a vinyl tube.

5. Don’t forget to clean and organize the area around your appliances. Remove any trash, cardboard, lint, or other flammable items. To prevent rust, avoid leaving damp objects on top of a washer or dryer. Keep in mind that residual moisture can cause mold to grow inside the machines and harm your clothing.

6. High-efficiency washers cost less to operate, but they need extra maintenance and special detergent. If you have a front-loading model, it’s vital to keep the rubber gasket dry and clean it every 50 days. This will protect the rubber and prevent unpleasant odors. Door gaskets cost hundreds of dollars to replace, according to KTRK-TV.

It can be risky to work on plumbing connections or high-voltage equipment without the proper training. If your laundry machine needs repair, be sure to call a professional. You can count on ABC Home & Commercial Services to perform top-notch repairs in the Austin area. Our company’s certified appliance specialists undergo extensive training and use high-quality parts. To schedule a convenient service call, fill out the form on our website.

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