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Where to go for the Best Austin Electrical Contractor

Electrical Contractors in Austin

Finding a qualified Austin Electrical Contractor for your residential or commercial needs can be a confusing task.  Most Austin residents find that using the internet for this task is frustrating.  The first page of the search results for the Best Austin Electrical Contractor is filled with paid advertisements, a small list of local contractors that may or may not be close to your location and which you know nothing about, a listing for the Austin Electrical Contractors Association, a listing for the Austin Division of Consumer Affairs a few private companies and some sites that list row after row of paid listings.  You are left with the same problem you started with, “which one of these companies should I choose?”

ABC Home and Commercial Electrical Contractors

ABC Home and Commercial Services has what we think is a much better approach to finding an electrician to fit your individual needs.  We provide qualified licensed electricians for no worry solutions to all your remodeling and rewiring needs.  All our contractors have great references.  This means the time spent screening companies has already been done for you.  Let our experienced contractors review your plans.  We provide the best service at the best price.

Electrical Contractor’s License

You need a license to do electrical work in Austin. They are obtained from The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.  This is information from their web site:

Electrical Contractor

  • You must be a licensed master electrician, or employ a licensed master electrician;
  • Maintain the required limits of business liability insurance:
  1. Minimum $300,000 per occurrence – combined for property damage and bodily injury
  2. Minimum $600,000 aggregate – total amount the policy will pay for property damage and bodily injury coverage
  3. Minimum $300,000 aggregate for products and completed operations.
  4. Meet the statutory requirements for workers compensation coverage.

Master Electrician

  • Must have at least 12,000 hours of on-the-job training under the supervision of a master electrician
  • have held a journeyman electrician license for at least two years
  • pass a master electrician examination

Journeyman Electrician

  • Must have at least 8,000 hours of on-the-job training under the supervision of a master electrician
  • Pass a journeyman electrician examination

Contractors Can Help with Budget and Planning

Our electricians can help you with planning home additions or kitchen and bath remodeling projects.  Contact one of our service providers for help in planning your budget for electrical work and providing quotes. This is free service.  Give our Austin licensed electrical contractors a try.  Our commercial and residential electricians can do any size job. Our mission is to provide our clients the best service at the best price for all your residential and commercial electrical needs.


When you’re ready to get your project started, let us know! We’ll be there!
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